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ITSM Requests Tracking

Running your IT Service Management services and workflows should be free.


In the age of the Cloud, how can you turn your IT into a competitive advantage if every Incident, Service Request, Problem or Knowledge Article cost you a fortune?

ITSM Requests Tracking 1

Today’s ITSM marketplace is crowded, but SAP customers are lucky – they already have one. Like 20.000 other customers, you can leverage SAP Solution Manager 7.2 as an IT or Corporate ITSM platform. It also offers a native integration with other ALM scenarios, such as Process Management, Test Suite, or Change Request Management for end-to-end traceability!

This ITSM solution will not cost you hundreds of thousands in license and maintenance fee, and is packed with modern innovations such as mobile-compatible applications, persona-driven workflows, integrations with testing and change management, and more!

Still worried about how much your support level 1 costs you? Check out our AI Helpdesk chatbot – he will take care of that for you!

Offers everything you need:

  • Browser-based with self-service portal
  • End-users can easily create requests, check the status, and confirm/withdrawn
  • Dispatchers can display a single queue and assign processors
  • Processors can resolve tickets, transfer ownership, trigger status change when answering
  • Out-of-the-box analytics and reporting that can be enriched with dozens of KPIs
  • Tickets can be automatically assigned to a Support Team and service type based on categories
  • Notification workflow (emails, SMS) can be setup
  • SLAs can be setup for IRT/MPT/OLA/UC with automated alerting
  • Tickets can be created out of an inbound email
  • Can be integrated with third-party tools (external ITSM, chatbot, telephony, etc.)

As an end-user, I can create an IT request from the portal. I don’t need to tell the system whether this is about an incident, a service request, etc. It is determined automatically through the categories and the template I choose.

As an end-user, I can check the status of my requests from the portal. I can communicate with the Support Team or processor, add attachments, or withdraw the ticket directly from the interface.

As a dispatcher or processor, I can either dispatch a ticket or process it from the portal. Whenever I communicate with the requester, the system automatically updates the status of the ticket based on my answer (e.g. if I propose a solution, the status changes to “Proposed Solution”). I can also transfer the ticket to another processor.

As a manager or support lead, I have access to various reports that help me anticipate future painpoints, and understand how my team can perform better.

Have unique SAP capabilities:

  • You can choose to work with Fiori Apps, CRM-UI, or both interfaces
  • Your Fiori Applications are role-driven, so each individual is limited to what he really needs
  • You can create followups and automatically link a Service Request to a Request for Change, etc.
  • All Fiori and CRM applications can be integrated in an external launchpad (e.g. your S/4 or C/4)
  • ITSM provides a standard interface with third-party tools that can be used as-is (e.g. ServiceNow)
  • And more…

(for security reasons, our live-demo is not ready YET – scroll down to see a recorded demo in the meantime or contact us to schedule a meeting).

As an end-user, I can chat with our bot to ask for information. Our chatbot can also create a ticket for me. It can be accessed through our S/4 Fiori Launchpad, but also Microsoft Teams and the corporate intranet.

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